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Is an Open-Concept Kitchen Right for You?

An open-concept kitchen has become a popular modern adaptation to any home’s cooking space. Some homeowners love open-concept spaces like this, but many others feel more attached to their traditional, closed kitchens. Would an open-concept type of kitchen be the right move for you and your family? 

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen in California, you’ll need a trustworthy kitchen remodel contractor in Danville, CA, like Kitchen Concepts. Below, the team shares some ideas behind open-concept kitchens, their pros and cons, and how you can land on your perfect design.

What Is an Open Kitchen?

This style is an open-plan one and refers to a kitchen with a reduced number of walls or barriers separating the kitchen as a unique room. Often, you’ll see few to no spatial barriers between the kitchen, living room, and dining room. 

Originally, designers created this style for space maximization. It increased the flow between spaces and shared some room elements. For slight differentiation, the open kitchen may feature an island, which is a partial barrier for walking but without a wall hanging above the island space. 

Other open kitchens may feature a bar counter or L-shape that’s freestanding or even movable.

Pros of an Open Kitchen

Open-concept kitchens must have a few benefits for the trend to have picked up so quickly. Besides working beautifully in properties of all sizes, here are a few other perks to consider:

A Connected Space

Because the kitchen is no longer a closed room, anyone inside it can socialize with those in nearby spaces. Cooking feels less isolating and promotes social activity. If you’re a fan of multitasking, it’s also easy to watch TV or chat while you’re all in different yet connected spaces.

Easy to Set Up

How easily can you integrate an open-concept kitchen into a home? Very easily, especially without retaining walls. Wall and floor colors can match or you can use different elements to associate each area’s look for a cohesive overall design.

Shared Lighting

Living rooms and bedrooms usually have more natural light. An open kitchen next to a living room will share that brighter light. Besides potentially reducing your electric bill, sunlight makes for warmth and comfort in your kitchen space that’s welcoming and sure to be appreciated.

Increased Room Size

Apartments do well with open-concept designs, from studios to two-bedrooms that need to feel more spacious. If your tenants feel cramped by the lack of square footage, removing walls and barriers around the kitchen connects the spaces. This will increase the ease of flow and create more room to breathe.

Social Meal Preparation

Lastly, when you invest in a kitchen upgrade that’s open concept, you can make room for a group cooking experience without barriers. Would you love to have more hands on deck? Larger, more labor-intensive meals love open spaces like this.

Cons of an Open Kitchen

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with an open-concept kitchen if you have slightly different preferences. Here are some other considerations:


Families who prefer quiet spaces to watch movies or play games may not enjoy the typical kitchen, cooking, and cleaning sounds coming from your open kitchen. If you like to cook in silence or avoid socialization, a closed-off space will prevent a lot of awkwardness.


If you’re going open concept, say goodbye to a quiet, uninterrupted space to prepare meals or stare out of the window. The lack of walls means everyone can see into the kitchen from your living or dining room. If you value the temporary escape, an open kitchen may not be for you.


Dishes piled up in the sink and items strewn across the counters might be a part of life. Still, if you’re used to a cluttered kitchen or aren’t in the habit of constantly cleaning up, you might feel the need to start when everyone can suddenly see into your kitchen.


Closed or semi-open kitchens use walls and other fixtures to add storage. An open kitchen lacks this additional real estate. You won’t have the same number of counters and cabinets.

Get Some Help Deciding Which Option To Choose For Your Brand-New or Newly Updated Kitchen Space

As you customize your small kitchen design, an open-concept kitchen could be desirable. Why not get Kitchen Concepts’ help exploring various designs to create your favorite kitchen in and around Danville? Our licensed and insured team does high-quality work on all projects, whether that’s open, closed, or semi.

Call Kitchen Concepts today at (925) 915-3307 or visit our contact page for a free quote.

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