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can you replace backsplash without replacing countertops

Can You Replace Backsplash Without Replacing Countertops?

As you consider remodeling your kitchen, you may have parts you want to keep and others you want to change. For example, your countertops might look and function exactly as you want. However, the backsplash may leave much to be desired, from poor installation to unwanted designs.

Can you replace backsplash without replacing countertops? As a leading kitchen remodel company in Danville, CA, Kitchen Concepts can help if you want to change aspects of your kitchen. Read more to learn what you can do to protect your counters.

Why Replacing Backsplash Can Prove Difficult

Certain backsplash types attach directly to the drywall. If so, you cannot remove the backsplash without damaging the wall, which will require wall repairs before you install a new one. Such cases will necessitate patching holes and installing a slightly larger backsplash to cover the corners of the repairs.

If you have these backsplashes, you will need wall repairs before the new installation:

  • Tile
  • Beadboard
  • Natural stone
  • Corrugated tin

You may also be able to place new tiles over an existing tile backsplash. However, for safety and cleanliness, you should start with a clean slate, no matter the type of backsplash.

Attaching tiles and other materials directly to the wall can extend their lifespan, make them more aesthetically pleasing, and save money in case of issues. For example, if you want to replace a single tile sitting directly on the wall, an expert can pry it off.

On the other hand, doing so when the backsplash sits on top of an old one can damage the underlying backsplash. Then, you would need repairs on the underlying backsplash and the one on top, or remove both backsplashes to redo the one you want.

How an Expert Removes Backsplashes

With the difficulty in mind, can you replace backsplash without replacing countertops? Thankfully, you can, though experts often put a lot of emphasis on having the right tools. Otherwise, you could cause expensive damage to the kitchen.

Every kitchen designer should have a few tools before they start working on your kitchen:

  • Drill
  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Tile drill bit
  • Masonry chisel
  • Utility knife
  • Protective sheets
  • Grout removal tool

After they prepare everything needed for the removal, most designers follow a set pattern of replacement steps to ensure you keep a clean kitchen:

#1. Place the Sheets

With pieces of tile or other materials falling onto countertops, many homeowners would think that would damage the center of the counter. However, the countertop edges tend to suffer instead.

Even granite countertops, known for their durability, can sustain dents and scratches from hard-hitting backsplash parts. As such, our experts put protective sheets over the countertops, stove, and lower cabinets. They tend to place tape along the edges to secure the sheet and protect the edges closest to the working area.

#2. Put on PPE

PPE stands for personal protective equipment, which, in this case, at least includes dust masks, protective goggles, and gloves. Dust from the removal process can infiltrate your lungs and eyes, causing longstanding issues. PPE reduces their chances of injuries and illnesses from construction dust exposure, slipped hammers, and other sharp or heavy tools.

#3. Systemically Remove the Backsplash

Backsplash removal looks different depending on the materials used in your kitchen. For tile, many experts use a pry bar to remove each tile section one by one to reduce the potential for countertop damage. Others detach larger tile sections before cutting into the drywall to remove the damaged wall.

Generally, when professional designers remove fewer pieces of tile, they break off smaller pieces from top to bottom. Many prefer using a pry bar, but stuck tiles may require a hammer and masonry chisel. While this process can extend the removal job timetable, you have a smaller chance to see any damage to nearby kitchen components.

Call a Trustworthy Kitchen Designer to Help

Can you replace backsplash without replacing countertops to pursue your dream kitchen? You can, and the Kitchen Concepts team is ready to help, from choosing a kitchen backsplash to installing your desired design.

Our experts work on kitchens across Danville, CA, and nearby cities, including Alamo, Diablo, and Castle Hill. We generally take six to eight weeks from the first time we meet to the completion of your dream kitchen. Our contractors have the licensing and insurance needed to lead the pack in the kitchen remodeling industry.

Call Kitchen Concepts at 925-915-3307 or visit our contact page to request your free consultation today.

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