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Guide to Choosing the Best Countertop Color for Your Kitchen

Following popular countertop color trends may not be enough to make your kitchen feel like it’s truly your own. We use color theory for logos and website designs, so why not for countertop color choices?

Kitchen Concepts’ interior designers use their skills to produce custom kitchens that make our clients happy. You can rely on us for a premier kitchen remodel in Danville, CA, and nearby areas. Continue reading to learn the basics of choosing a good color for your countertops.

The Basics of Color Theory

Beginner color theory lessons note the feeling a color evokes. For example, homier aesthetics tend to gravitate toward browns and beiges, while brightness often incorporates yellows or oranges.

The next topic often includes how these colors relate, especially on a color wheel:

  • Complementary Colors: These colors sit at opposite ends of the color wheel. In a kitchen, you may see this pairing with lavender-purple plates and transparent green party glasses.
  • Analogous Colors: Unlike complementary colors, analogous ones sit beside each other. In kitchen spaces, orange-toned wooden cabinets could pair well with yellow walls.
  • Neutral Colors: Neutral colors appear on a color square but not on the usual color wheel. These colors could potentially pair well with every other one, including each other. A few examples of neutral colors include blacks, whites, and browns.

The Power of Neutral Colors

Most of the time, countertop colors stay in the neutral area. Many of the best materials for countertops in 2024 come in neutrals, like granite, wood, and quartz.

Neutrals also create a great backdrop for accent colors to stand out. They can allow you to go as bombastic or monotone as you want. With a more dominant neutral color present, the brightness of the others doesn’t seem cluttered or busy.

Of course, each color has underlying tones and shades, so some neutrals pair better with other, brighter ones. Finding the best ones for you can be trial and error, so follow these common kitchen design tips and consider these countertop ideas.

Kitchen Design Tips You Need To Know

Kitchen cabinet color coordination depends on your aesthetics, but it can also depend on other factors. To get a better understanding of what you want, remember these options:

#1. Matching and Contrasting

Do you want to match your countertops to your walls or have your countertop color and floor contrast? For example, all-white kitchens produce exquisite brightness, while a dark countertop with light walls can create more exciting visuals.

Of course, you can also do more with your countertops than have them in a solid color, whether neutral or vibrant. Granite comes in many base colors with additional speckles, and marble often has veins with different tones.

You could have blue walls, beige cabinets, and marble counters with blue veining to combine neutrality and pattern. Your choice can depend on how you choose your countertop color for specific design styles.

#2. Read Your Room

Do you have a small or a large kitchen? While you may not think it, choosing the countertop color for small kitchens often has a different focus than their larger counterparts. A small kitchen usually needs to feel bigger, and a larger one requires a focal point for grounding.

Many small kitchens use a lot of white and natural light to open the space more. In contrast, larger kitchens often have a darker element to help the space not lose focus or seem too empty.

Also, don’t underestimate the lighting impact on countertop color either. Natural lights tend to make bright colors look even more so, and focused lights, like spotlights or chandeliers, add an air of professionalism.

#3. Look Toward the Future of Your Kitchen

Sure, coloring your counters bright red may seem like a good idea now, but what about in the next three years? Another reason many countertops come in neutrals is because they suit other colors much easier.

You can change an accent wall from green to orange and paint the cabinets without changing the counters. If you have particularly vivid countertops, however, it may be more difficult or expensive to revamp your kitchen. Of course, that depends on how you want your kitchen to look now and how long you want it to stay that way.

Design Your Kitchen With Kitchen Concepts

We help those in Danville, CA, and nearby cities create and redesign their kitchen with custom cabinets, countertops, and more. All our contractors and designers provide licensed and insured services. Choose your countertop color or countertop edges with Kitchen Concepts at (925) 915-3307 today or visit our contact page for a free quote!

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