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All About Countertop Edges: Your Top 6 Options

Kitchen countertops give you an opportunity to express your style in one of the most popular rooms of your home. The experts at Kitchen Concepts suggest you review this list of six fashionable countertop edge options before calling a kitchen remodel contractor in Danville, CA to transform your space today!

What to Consider When Choosing Your Edges

Countertops need to balance style and substance. A beautiful countertop will do nothing for you if it doesn’t meet or fit into what your household needs.

Material Type

Decorative, more complex countertop edges will not hold well on softer, cheaper materials like laminate. However, they hold very well on more natural or hardy options, like granite stone or polished concrete.

Rounded edges also work better on harder materials because, without them, they could be more prone to chipping. Not only would knocking into the soft edge be less painful, but it could also keep you from damaging the counter.

Lifestyle Considerations

Households with children, pets, or disabled housemates would likely benefit more from standard-height counters with rounded edge styles. Even if someone knocks into the corners, it will cause less pain than traditional squared edges.

If you have a budget and aesthetic that accommodates a more bombastic style, more ornate edges may improve your home. Still, smaller kitchens tend to need less artistic construction to keep spaces from feeling cluttered.

Six Countertop Ideas Homeowners Love

Each countertop option tends to be on the rounder side, though one we mention can vary. You may have seen these types of edges around without realizing it.

#1. Bullnose Edge Countertops

Bullnose edge countertops have a full-curve profile that has been popular on marble and granite. The curve makes the countertop edges look softer and much more child and accident-friendly. Unlike some options, these also work well on laminate.

However, liquid spills can follow the curve and flow toward the cabinets under the counters. If you clean up spills quickly, you should be able to avoid stains and liquid-related damage.

#2. Half-Bullnose Edge Countertops

Half-bullnose counters maintain the rounded top half but straighten the bottom half more. Liquid spills can then go straight down toward the floor instead of potentially touching the cabinetry. 

You would have a slightly stronger bottom edge, which could be a hazard. However, the circumstances tend to be much safer than having fully straight-edged counters on both sides.

#3. Beveled Edge Countertops

Beveled edge countertops essentially have a straight edge with slopes cut into it. The countertop corners sit further back before sloping to connect with a middle point that forms a straight, 90-degree barrier.

Bevels can come in several variations, including half or quarter-beveling. The top and bottom edges can have bevels, pushing a rectangular sidestrip outward. This style tends to be easier to clean and integrate with other edges.

#4. Eased Edge Countertops

Consider eased edges if you want rounded edges that aren’t as drastic as a bullnose. They mostly look like their straight-edge cousins, but manufacturers subtly soften the sharpness. You then have a countertop with fewer hardpoints while maintaining flat counterfaces.

Eased edges tend to be the least expensive option, even if it isn’t the most stylistic. They have a harder edge than some others, but light edge protection is better than none.

#5. Ogee Edge Countertops

Popular in vintage and traditional kitchens, ogee countertop edges immediately evoke opulence. Using a soft S shape, the top edge corresponds with the bottom of the S, sitting further back. The bottom edge ends with a slight ease edge, corresponding with the top of the S.

This style produces a wavy appearance ranging from lightly subtle to grandiose. Of course, ooge edges tend to be the most expensive, but the results can add an extra touch to any countertop.

#6. Custom Edge Countertops

If you want to go wild, consult your designer about making customized countertops. You can combine different rounded-edge ideas or go for something completely naturalistic. At that point, the world is your oyster.

The Best Custom Counters in Danville, CA

Are you excited about perfecting your countertop edges or putting new countertops on old cabinets? Kitchen Concepts experts would love to feel that excitement with you!

Our team helps Danville residents customize the counters all over their homes, from the kitchen to the bathrooms and the shelves in their sheds. We provide licensed and insured services that you can trust. Call Kitchen Concepts at (925) 915-3307 or visit our contact page for a free quote today.

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