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Essential Tips on How To Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash for Your Home

Since you’ve landed on this post, looking for tips on how to choose kitchen backsplash materials may or may not sound to you like something for hipsters. The backsplash has gone from just something to protect your kitchen walls from sink suds and cooking spatter to playing an integral role in the overall design of a kitchen.

It’s true; the wrong choice of backsplash could undo all your hard work instead of helping you transform your kitchen into a warm, beautiful space. How do you tackle the sheer abundance of available backsplash materials to make the right choice, though?

Here’s more from the leading kitchen remodel experts in Danville, CA, about what’s hot on the backsplash front.

Pay Attention to Your Kitchen’s Style and Color Scheme

If you’re still mapping out how your kitchen will look, the backsplash doesn’t need to be a top consideration—unless you want to make a costly mistake. It’s best to start looking at your backsplash options only once your new kitchen has already taken shape (on paper or in real life).

Before you choose the backsplash, you need to carefully evaluate your kitchen’s overall style and color scheme. Does your kitchen have a traditional, rustic appearance? Maybe you’re going for a modern, minimalist look? 

What’s the color of your flooring, countertop material, or cabinetry? You need to choose a backsplash that fits nicely with your kitchen’s overarching scheme if you want a cohesive look. You don’t have to match colors, but your choice of backsplash should blend in nicely with everything else.

Draw Up Your Remodel Budget Early

How far are you willing to go with your brand-new kitchen? With so many exciting possibilities, it’s a good idea to have a budget in mind before you set out to find the ideal backsplash for your kitchen. While this is a minor addition to your kitchen remodel project, things can get very pricey quickly here.

Mosaic tiles or subway tiles may look small and affordable, but bear in mind that some materials cost significant sums per square footage. While calculating the budget, factor in space, and don’t forget labor.

Decide on Your Focal Point for the Kitchen

When thinking about how to choose kitchen backsplash tiles or another option, your kitchen’s focal point matters. Do you have clean and simple cabinets and countertops? Leave no stone unturned when choosing your backsplash, and consider making it your kitchen’s showpiece.

This won’t work if you have exquisite-looking cabinets you want to show off. In that case, choose a backsplash that’s a bit more subtle to make the new kitchen’s other features stand out even more.

Prioritize a Timeless Look in Your New Kitchen

You may feel tempted to mirror that trending look that a friend tagged on social media, but before you do, ask yourself whether you’ll really like it in five to ten years. As experienced kitchen remodelers well know, it’s usually safer to choose a timeless look. Options like natural stone and marble-like porcelain always age well.

Understandably, you may feel unsure about using natural stone for your backsplash. Who wants to re-seal their backsplash every year, right? Don’t worry; sealants last 15+ years these days.

Of course, the point above is moot without definite plans of living in that home for the next fifteen years. In that case, a trendy look might work for you in the short term. Just remember to go for something that won’t put off potential buyers when it’s time to sell.

Get Creative With Backsplash Tile Patterns and Shapes

The subway tile pattern has a classic feel to it and works well for most kitchens. It can feel a bit dated sometimes, but it’s easy to spice things up. Consider laying tiles as:

  • Stacked
  • Vertical
  • Basket weave
  • Herringbone

Similarly, you can choose a tile shape that will give your kitchen a little extra personality. Have you seen a backsplash with a neat hexagon tile pattern? Visual interest is always captivating.

Consider Maintenance For Happy Years in the Kitchen

Knowing how to choose kitchen backsplash materials also means not choosing a backsplash that will make maintaining your kitchen a chore. Materials that aren’t too difficult to clean do wonders, so consider that solid tile, glass, or stainless-steel backsplashes will certainly accumulate smudges and fingerprints. Wiping them down is straightforward, though.

Beware of options like textured tiles, brick, cement tiles, or natural stone that can make you dread cleaning days. Many design experts regard these materials as kitchen backsplash nightmares!

Consider Wear and Tear on the Backsplash

The nature of the backsplash is added protection, and you don’t want to install something you’ll need to replace in a few years. Think carefully before you settle on a backsplash material. Will it hold up to the demands of being a protective layer for your gorgeous new kitchen?

Many people avoid glass, but if you make durability the only core characteristic behind choosing your backsplash material, you’ll end up with cement tiles. Strike the perfect balance—a design expert like Kitchen Concepts can help.

Play With Your Backsplash’s Visual Depth

Depending on your budget, why not consider extending your backsplash to the ceiling? It will make the kitchen look larger and more cohesive. 

For much smaller kitchens, this approach can make the space feel overwhelming. As such, it’s better to limit the backsplash to the area around the stovetop and sink. You can use larger tiles to make your space feel more spacious in the same way that smaller, more intricate designs make larger kitchens feel more intimate.

Ask For a Live Demonstration in Your Kitchen

Always take home one or two samples of the backsplash tile options you’re considering to see how they look next to your countertops and cabinets. Will it fit into the overall theme? How does the design look under your kitchen’s natural or artificial lighting?

Comparing the look of backsplash materials right there in the manufacturer or dealer’s showroom is a grave mistake. It’s a completely different environment in the kitchen itself.

Don’t Forget the Grout to Match Your Design

Will your backsplash embrace a grout-free look or stain-free grout? This is a big talking point because the grout in a kitchen backsplash traps ample grime and dirt.

More people are choosing backsplashes that either feature stain-free grout or don’t need it at all. Choosing the latter will rule out materials like subway tiles.

Put Your Preferences First

At the end of the day, there’s only so much a lookbook or mood board can do for you. To choose the perfect kitchen backsplash, follow your personal preferences. 

Remember, those mock-ups you’re looking at do not reflect your kitchen now or after the remodel. Some of them have never even left the drawing board! Shut out the noise, visualize what you want, and go for the backsplash that makes you love your new kitchen all the more.

Get Expert Guidance on Your Kitchen Backsplash and More From Local Experts

Your kitchen could be the heart of your home and the apple of your eye. Now, you know how to choose kitchen backsplash options that stand up to the functional requirements and look amazing. Why not let the Kitchen Concepts installation crew guide you to a low-maintenance kitchen backsplash that can elevate your space? 

With us, the kitchen’s finished look will tick all the right boxes. Whether you’re thinking about replacing the backsplash without replacing your countertop or a complete kitchen remodel, call Kitchen Concepts in Danville and Alamo, CA, at (925) 915-3307 to request a quote!

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