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how to pair kitchen and dining lights

How To Pair Kitchen and Dining Lights

Are you remodeling your cooking and eating space and wondering how to pair kitchen and dining lights? Lighting plays a subtle and crucial role in both form and function of your kitchen and dining room.

As the trusted provider of kitchen remodel services in Danville, CA, Kitchens Concepts provides expert advice for all your design choices. Read this kitchen and dining light fixture pairing guide for all the information you need.

The Importance of Consistent Lighting

Why should you prioritize cohesive kitchen and dining room lighting? Without adequate lighting, your kitchen layout and equipment won’t matter because you won’t see well enough to function. Lighting also affects how your kitchen feels and whether your other style elements shine through or fall flat.

Tips for Pairing Your Lights

From maximizing electrical safety to creating a cohesive look, follow these tips for the best lighting in both your kitchen and dining room.

Consider Coordination

Maintaining complementary lighting styles for kitchen and dining rooms means you provide a single experience and environment throughout the cooking and eating process. Rather than drawing attention away from the focal points in both rooms, it allows you to experience your finer designer elements without distraction.

Remember Functionality

If you’re wondering how to pair kitchen and dining lights, don’t forget about functionality. With proper function, you can optimize how well you cook and clean in your kitchen and provide the perfect ambiance for eating your beautiful and delicious creations. When you combine task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting, you create the perfect space, but incredible style doesn’t matter if you can’t use it.

Utilize Natural Light

Another important technique for creating ambiance with kitchen and dining lighting involves utilizing the space’s natural light. Most kitchens have at least one light, and some of the most high-end kitchens have an entire wall consisting of glass.

Depending on your level of natural light, you may opt to focus more on task lighting rather than ambient lighting. You should also consider the time of day and seasons when your kitchen and dining room have the most light. A professional designer can optimize how you incorporate your natural light.

Maximize Room Layout

Whether you have a wall separating your kitchen and dining room or an open concept, you can use the layout to your advantage. For example, zone lighting in open floor plan kitchens and dining rooms gives you superior control so you can adjust the atmosphere and function based on whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or entertaining.

Don’t Forget Finishes

Matching finishes for kitchen and dining lights act like the cherry on top of the sundae. For example, if you choose a gorgeous hanging chandelier for your dining room, consider a similar look in your kitchen with hanging pendant lights.

Also, confirm your colors and finishes remain cohesive. For example, if you have black matte-finish lights in your kitchen, opting for glossy red fixtures in your dining room might feel jarring.

Trending Lighting Styles for Kitchens and Dining Rooms

If you want this decade’s most popular lighting trends, consider incorporating the following into your updated kitchen.

Hanging Lights

From chandeliers to pendant lighting, hanging lights provide targeted function and a beautiful ambiance that can radiate throughout your space.


While they provide less function, wall sconces make great decorative elements that take your kitchen and dining room from simply stylish to elegant.

LED Lights

LED lights offer an energy-efficient way to meet all your lighting needs. They help you save money in the long term compared to traditional options.


Adding accessories to your lighting helps you obtain a cohesive look and gives you a higher level of control and comfort. Dimmer switches let you perfectly adjust the lighting in your kitchen and dining room. While you can opt for maximum lighting when entertaining, you can turn down the ambiance to resemble candlelight if you want a more intimate dinner.

Integrating your lighting with your smart home system or mobile device means you can program it for various times during the day and control it without getting up or stopping what you’re doing.

Find the Best Lighting Options With Kitchen Concepts

Now that you know how to pair kitchen and dining lights, you can work with the team of experts at Kitchen Concepts. Whether you need help choosing lighting for your kitchen or remodeling your entire kitchen, our professionals make every step hassle-free and enjoyable. We make your dream kitchen a reality.

To schedule a consultation, visit our contact page or call 925-915-3307 today!

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