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15 Stunning Kitchen Countertop Ideas to Try for Your Home

Are you reading your kitchen and feeling overwhelmed by all the kitchen countertop ideas? As a leading kitchen remodeler in Danville, Kitchen Concepts works with you to determine which kitchen countertop materials work best for your style and culinary goals. We’ve narrowed down the best options to the following 15 choices.

1. White Quartz

If you want a countertop that combines modern style with a luxurious finish, you’ll love white quartz. It is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

Their high-class appearance derives from the immaculate and polished look they impart on any kitchen. They pair well with multiple cabinet styles but require a higher investment than many other countertops.

2. Beautiful Marble

You’ll never feel dissatisfied with marble because it’s one of the most timeless and high-quality countertop materials. You can choose from a wide variety of marble types and designs, including:

  • Arabescato
  • Carrara
  • Green marble
  • Calacatta gold
  • Mixed with quartz
  • Gray marble
  • Classic white

Remember that marble is one of the most expensive countertop materials.

3. Classic Wood

Nothing compares to the look of classic wood countertops. It can make your kitchen feel like a seaside cabin or forest cottage.

You can pair it with butcher block or opt for the more modern dark-stain finish. You’ll love this eco-friendly material for its natural antimicrobial properties and long life. However, these counters require significant maintenance and scratch and dent easily.

4. Entrancing Penny Top

Penny-top tile creates an almost hypnotizing effect on your counters. When you fill the spaces with black grout, you won’t find a more modern or sleek option. Pair it with modern appliances like a convection stove, stainless steel toaster, and blender and you’ll have a contemporary oasis that remains the envy of everyone who visits.

5. Luxurious Solid Black

No matter the materials, solid black is one of the best countertops for busy kitchens. It easily hides spills, stains, and damage.

With a matte finish, you can create a dramatic and moody ambiance. It will help you enjoy deep conversations over a glass of red wine.

You can find solid black countertops in a variety of materials including:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz

This allows you to have the sleek look of black counters on a range of budgets.

6. Industrial-Style Concrete

If you love the modern industrial look, consider concrete countertops. They go perfectly with exposed brick or ductwork and you can add open cabinets or metal shelving to complete the look.

These concretes are eco-friendly, durable, require little maintenance, and last a long time. However, they’re also quite heavy and necessitate a higher investment.

7. Custom Colors

One of the most versatile kitchen countertop ideas is creating custom-colored countertops. Whether you love the color tile or can’t find a countertop that fits your desired motif, customizing your counter makes tying them in with your cabinets, furniture, and fixtures an easy process.

Depending on the underlying material you choose, you can create this effect with the right coat of stain, epoxy, or even paint. If you have a unique style and don’t want to compromise, this is the countertop choice for you! 

8. Affordable Quartzite

If you need affordable kitchen countertop options but still want a high-quality appearance, consider using quartzite. The material looks like marble (most people can’t tell the difference) and requires significantly less maintenance. Its benefits include:

  • Extreme strength and durability, including scratch and heat resistance
  • Eco-friendly production from natural stones
  • A life-span of a century or more
  • Incredible beauty

However, you’re often limited in color and style options, and while it’s cheaper than marble, you’ll still pay more than most other countertop materials.

9. Modern Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for modern kitchen countertop styles, one popular trend is stainless steel. If you’re not excited about maintaining countertops, you won’t put much effort into keeping stainless steel in good shape.

Because they look like a professional kitchen, you’ll feel like a world-class chef, and you’ll also love their durability and long life span. You’ll pay a premium price for this material so before you commit to it, ensure it fits in well with the rest of your home.

10. Sustainable Recycled Glass

Homeowners who prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly design know that recycled glass is one of their best options. You’ll need an additional material underneath, like affordable stone or wood, but it will reduce the counter’s maintenance requirements. You might think they’re at risk of damage, but modern recycled glass is strong and doesn’t shatter easily.

11. Stunning Aged Copper

Hand-aged copper probably doesn’t spring to the forefront of your mind when you think of countertops, but if you’re wanting a more rustic look, you won’t find a better fit. It can also pair well with a vintage or industrial style.

The material naturally resists germs and doesn’t require much effort to keep clean. However, it requires a higher investment than most other materials and the appearance can change over time as it ages or you use it.

12. Mixed Materials

Consider the incredible look of mixing countertop materials. You can obtain a truly unique style and improved function with this method. The most popular combinations include:

  • Covering any countertop with glass
  • Introducing wood elements to stone counters
  • Using tile on your walls to accent your marble countertops
  • Installing white shiplap counters underneath solid black tops
  • Incorporating multiple types of wood
  • Combining quartz and concrete
  • Mixing two different types or patterns of marble
  • Using metallic finishes juxtaposed against pure white countertops
  • Changing the traditional color of grout for an extra pop of color
  • Covering your butcher block with an acrylic finish

Talk with our designer to find the best mix of materials that can meet your preferred design aesthetic.

13. Classic Travertine

If you want low-maintenance kitchen countertops, consider investing in travertine stone. While providing a more affordable price point than most other stones, every slap of travertine offers a unique appearance. The material’s rich and polished surface offers a luxurious look that belays its affordability.

The substance’s biggest flaw is its lack of durability. It doesn’t resist acid and scratches easily, so you can damage it if you’re not careful. 

14. Subtle Soapstone

If you haven’t heard of soapstone, you’re missing out on the benefits this 100% natural, eco-friendly material provides. Constructed primarily of talc, these countertops add a feeling of warmth and last a long time. Soapstone’s non-porous nature doesn’t absorb liquids, repairs easily, and naturally resists bacteria.

However, if you opt for this material, you’ll have limited color options. You also might notice uneven wear and tear or visible seams, which can detract from its appeal.

15. Modernized Shapes

Regardless of what material or color you choose, don’t overlook the appeal of incorporating modern shapes and features in your countertops. This decade’s most fashionable trends include:

  • Waterfall countertops extend the stone, wood, or tile down one or more sides of the counter, creating a seamless, flowing look and adding a feeling of luxury.
  • Curved or beveled edges give your kitchen a softer and more welcoming feel and are a great safety feature if you have small, growing children.

Kitchen Concepts Produces Stunning Kitchens

When you need the best kitchen countertop design trends, you need Kitchen Concepts. As the experts in installing new countertops on old cabinets and other kitchen remodeling projects, we produce the best results with a hassle-free process. From helpful design consultation and kitchen countertop ideas to premium materials, we always exemplify quality.

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