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kitchen design ideas for small spaces

8 Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, the cooking space has the potential to add to the style of your home. Often, you may see design concepts for larger kitchens, while references neglect small kitchen ideas.

As a leading kitchen remodel contractor in Danville, CA, Kitchen Concepts provides exceptional and timely services. We can help you develop kitchen design ideas for small spaces so you don’t need to completely remodel your walls for a look you can feel satisfied with. Here, we list eight design aspects many Californians can utilize.

#1. Use Glass To Open the Space

Using glass to open a space may sound counterproductive since it will work as a barrier. However, glass helps emphasize natural light and can draw the eye to the contents near them.

For example, you can replace some of your cabinet doors with those with glass inlays. Then, not only will you be able to see the dishes inside, but the colors of your dishes can contribute to the kitchen’s appearance.

Many homeowners have started using seeded and frosted glass instead of plain glass to add more style. Seeded glass looks as though it has raindrops on it, while frosted glass blurs the cabinet’s contents while letting the colors show through.

#2. Two-Tone Your Cabinets

Colors can greatly influence our feelings about a space. So, despite how difficult it can be to clean up, a white kitchen still has many fans. The clean, clear look of white can make spaces feel bigger, including kitchens.

However, what if you don’t really like a fully white kitchen and want some color in it? In that case, you can try two-toning the cabinets, making the bottom ones a different color from the top.

Darker colors tend to solidify shapes, while lighter ones can open them up a bit more. So you can try leaving your top cabinets a beautiful white while changing the bottom cabinets to a darker color, anywhere from black and brown to moss green and teal. If you prefer to avoid a white kitchen altogether, get fancy with the color differences in your kitchen design ideas for small spaces!

#3. Utilize Open Shelving

You likely already have shelves inside of your cabinets, but the items in them generally stay hidden away. However, if you have some open wall space, you can add open shelves to give you even more storage. Moreover, you can choose what material you want for the shelves, including polished wood, sleek steel, or wire delicately curved like garden furniture.

Many Danville residents with open shelving place their seasonings on them for easy access. You can also add photos of family, plants, or your favorite mugs! You can add whatever you want to your shelving if it can support the weight of the objects.

#4. Rack It Up

If you’re ready to invest in a kitchen upgrade, then you’re likely ready for some new pots and pans. However, if your small kitchen and counter space have reached maximum capacity, you wouldn’t want to clutter your countertops. Instead of piling it into the upper cabinets or some other space, you can install wood or metal racks for your pots and pans.

Pot racks can free up cabinet space while allowing the shine of your new appliances to add to the décor. If you don’t want a pot rack, you can use racks for utensils, glasses, and other kitchen items. With some wise and experienced kitchen planning, a rack works wonders in kitchen design ideas for small spaces.

#5. Or Peg It Up

If you aren’t sure about using a rack because of limitations to how you want to design your space, you can try a pegboard instead. Pegboards allow you to place pegs anywhere you want them, so you can customize the board depending on what you put on them.

A pegboard wall addition can help free up the rest of the kitchen and become a great display area. For example, if you don’t want to put pots, pans, or utensils on it, you can have a new place to put your favorite mug collection. Better yet, if you change your mind, all you have to do is change the peg placement to accommodate larger items!

#6. Add an Island

You would think that adding a wall or barrier would reduce the amount of kitchen space. However, adding an island has proven to be one of the best kitchen design ideas for small spaces. It can more easily define the space between a kitchen and other rooms.

For example, if your kitchen only occupies a single wall, an island can give you more space to store kitchen items and prepare meals. This trick works well in apartments, and it can work well in a house, too! It helps that you have so many different island designs to choose from:

  • Chef’s
  • Galley
  • Double
  • Two-tier
  • Waterfall
  • Rounded
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Table-style
  • Breakfast bar

Some of these options also allow you to add rollers, letting you move the storage as you please! You can consult our experts to explore your island options since so many of them exist.

#7. Customize Your White Kitchen

As noted, white kitchens make kitchen spaces feel bigger. However, they can also be more difficult to clean since the slightest stain can pop out on the light surface. So, what do you do if you want a white kitchen without all the hassle?

You can try leaving the walls, cabinets, and trim white, but choose whatever colors you want for the rest of the space. For example, white cabinets pair wonderfully with brown or gray granite or quartz countertops. The backsplash could also be a different color or material, using teal tile or creamy-colored, off-white brick.

Wood accents and accessories can also make the space feel cozier and more naturalistic. To add a bit of firmness to your white cabinets, consider using black or dark knobs and hardware on them.

#8. Turn up the Task Lights

While you may have a light on your kitchen ceiling, it may not provide enough light for other duties, making the small kitchen feel smaller. Task lights, or lights you install near specific parts of the kitchen, can brighten your space. You have likely seen this idea used in a smaller concept, like using the under-microwave light to brighten up the stove.

You can install strips, pucks, and other lights under your cabinets to enhance kitchen visibility. Some households even put some inside the cabinet, especially ones with glass doors, to emphasize the items inside of it.

Make the Best of Your Small Kitchen

We’ve only scratched the surface of what you can do to make your small kitchen work better for you. You could try new open kitchen designs, install new storage or shelving, or completely change the backsplash.

Regardless, with so many ideas possible, you may find it difficult to settle on a single one. Otherwise, if you already have an idea of what you want, you’ll need a professional designer to make it all work for you.

Kitchen Concepts specializes in making kitchen dreams come true. Our experts work within your budget to find which kitchen design ideas for small spaces will emphasize your kitchen’s best features. Bay Area kitchens have only improved since our team has helped improve local households.

Call (925) 915-3307 or visit our contact page to schedule your free appointment with a professional kitchen designer in and around Danville, CA, today.

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